Safety at the workplace is a prominent issue for productive activities, called to ensure on the one hand workplaces conforming to the production demands and, on the other hand, guarantee the integrity of their employees.

Framinia assists employers in planning and implementing their risk assessment, physical and chemical measurements, preparing the Risk Assessment Document, appointing and training the emergency team members, covering all aspects of emergency management and health surveillance, with the aim of identifying and minimizing the risks workers are exposed to.

An example of our H&S activities: 

  • preliminary scouting and related technical report;
  • audits for ascertaining conformity to regulations;
  • preparation of the Risk Assessment Document;
  • performance of environmental and instrumental surveys (such as lighting engineering and measurements, micro-climatic, acoustic surveys etc.);
  • assessment of specific risks (noise, vibrations, chemical, work-related stress, manual handling of loads, etc.);
  • preparation of Emergency Evacuation Plans (PEE);
  • qualification of Suppliers;
  • management of Medical Surveillance;
  • safety in the construction site;
  • fire safety;
  • haccp.